Hey guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking why I’ve called this music and art series “The Fires Of Red” so I figured that as we lead up to the premiere on SUNDAY February 1, I might as well shed a bit of light on its meaning.

To a lot of us,’Red‘ is a word and a color that has several meanings attached to it such as love, danger, stop sign, passion, pain, heart, roses, blood, alert, error etc. It is one of those words that is able to instantly create an impression, send a signal, suggest an emotion or put a smile on a face. I felt a strong word like this would be perfectly suited to a project that connotes ‘intrigue’ and just the right amount of suspense. “Fire” is also another word that shares the same characteristic as ‘Red’ being that even though it could be used to depict ‘flames’, it is also used in various other forms to suggest passion, pain, desire etc.

This music and art series is a modern fiction, a drama that tells the story of 5 friends going through various stages of life. In Season ONE (taking place in February – the month of love) we focus on issues to do with love, lust and everything inbetween. Therefore, ‘The Fires Of Red’ in this instance takes us on a journey of love and matters of the heart.

As I develop this drama in subsequent seasons, this series title will adapt in meaning to suit whatever issue is addressed within each set of songpisodes (episodes + songs lol). So stay tuned.

It was important to me that I presented you with a thought-provoking title to add to the drama. *chuckle chuckle* *wink wink*.

Love, K.