Full name: Nkechi Edith Edem

2015-01-23 15.47.49

The Siren

Interviewer: Hi Kechi, please tell us a little bit about yourself…

N: Well the important things are; I own an interior design company in Manhattan, I’m the eldest child of my parents with 6 other siblings and I’m a mom.

Interviewer: Wow! 6! That’s a large family. A lot of responsibility I bet?

N: Absolutely! It never stops. I’ve learned to cope over the years and been pushed to the limit a lot of the time. Having my daughter, Leila made me realize how prepared I was because motherhood almost came naturally.

Interviewer: Lovely. And is there a Mr…?

N: No. Just me. My daughter’s father is never around. Anyway, I make a fair amount of money to give her a decent life and my family smother me with love. My best friend, Leila’s God-mother helps whenever she’s in town too so I’m grateful for her.